Amareni has sought to provide you with an online payment method that guarantees maximum security during your transactions.

Here's why we chose to use ...

1. Hipay

This system of secure payment guarantees a limitation of the frauds and the protection of the buyers thanks to:

  • The filtering of transactions carried out by payment cards (automatic verification of bank cards).
  • The guarantee of non-repudiation of transactions.
  • Data tracking and retention for 4 years plus the current year (in order to trace a transaction in the event of a dispute).
  • Data confidentiality
  • Anti-piracy system
  • ... ...

More than 15 accepted payment methods including domestic modes

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2. Paypal

Secure payment by Paypal is a very common means of payment on the Internet. Paypal has been adopted by the biggest online merchant sites, proof its reliability. The simplicity of the service offered will allow you to validate your purchases without any fear.

Steps to follow

Simply open a Paypal account and enter your details. When your account is valid, on each of your payments on the Internet you will only enter your email and your password. Indeed, Paypal allows you to encrypt your data and no longer need to enter your bank details with each of your orders.

- More information about paying with Paypal, click here .
- To access the secure Paypal site, click here .